November 30, 2012

bubbles and books

Last night in The Bedford's swank vault over a glass of champagne, I had the pleasure of chatting with the stunning Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, veteran beauty editor of 20 years for Glamour Magazine & author of the book "How To Look Expensive". Not only is Andrea full of intel and armed with knowledge gained after being immersed in the beauty industry for decades, but she is down to earth & witty about the entire thing. 

Photo via @skirtPR

Andrea wrote this book because she saw first-hand the time, effort, and money that goes into making everyone from the first lady to Jennifer Aniston look like a million bucks, and she knew that the 1% weren't making it any easier on the rest of us. Her book is full of tried and true tips, product tests & great advice on when to spend, when to save, and when to splurge. This is something I can totally relate to, as I'll rationalize the cost of my hair until the cows come home, but am horrified to spend more than $3.99 on my maybelline mascara. 

Photo via @AndreaPLustig

Andrea is entertaining, smart, clever & insanely knowledgable in an industry where she has had access to it all.  She has recommends for everything ranging from hilariously nicknamed eyebrow no-nos to how to stretch a blowout to makeup application tips and much, much more (and you'll find yourself laughing along the way). 

The Book Cellar out of Lincoln Square was on hand & they not only stock local and first-time authors, but serve glasses of wine to cozy up  So, take it from the beauty master herself and pick up your copy today for yourself or those fabulous gals in your life who'd love to get in on trade secrets! Anyone that signs her book 'Keep it chic! Paris, France not Paris Hilton' gets immediate street-cred (in my book). Finally, she's looking into bringing a labradoodle into her family...I'm telling you, this is one smart lady. 

November 29, 2012

"cheezborger, cheezborger, no fries - chips, no pepsi - coke"

When it comes to chicago classics, there are any number to choose from. We have chicago hot dogs (never ever with ketchup), deep-dish pizza (I tend to side with Anthony Bourdain's quote here), italian beef (the appeal of soggy bread is a mystery but it is what it is), malort (a couple shots of this resulted in me falling right off my stationary bike) and the legendary billy goat tavern which was parodied on SNL here.

Photos © Brian Sorg

Seeing as how I don't eat meat, most of the chicago staples are out these days (including the infamous cheezborger), but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed my grilled cheese.  A classic consisting of white bread & 2 slices of american? It doesn't get more midwest than that and it should be noted that I should never, ever be allowed in an all-you-can eat mustard and pickle scenario. After all, any good chicagoan would agree they make up their own food groups. 

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November 28, 2012

on homes and things that feel like home

If this is home sweet home, then this is the roof of the provider of foods for my home sweet home. And, if you're catching onto the (attempted) theme here, then you'll understand that what I'm wearing makes up a pretty standard uniform when leaving my home sweet home. 

Standard is piles of jewelry, an over-sized sweater, jeans & my marants. 

Photos © Brian Sorg

 I can conquer just about anything in this outfit...except maybe whole foods on a sunday. If you must brave the throngs, head straight for the roof parking. In fact, I think I can almost see my home from here. 

'dre' jeans x rag and bone, sneakers x isabel marant, sweater x tracy reese

November 27, 2012

(extra) ordinary

Photos © Brian Sorg

Kicking my jeans & tank up a notch with a pair of stilettos & some neck-cessories. Unfortunately, this shuttered gas station wasn't given the same treatment (unless you count graffiti of course). 

'dre' jeans x rag & bone, neck sweater x humanoid via p.45, various jewelry via fuschia, 'abel' pumps x jimmy choo, shades x karen walker

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November 26, 2012

beach bums

Photos © Brian Sorg

Running after my favorite four-legged partner in crime. Mine being a failure to leash her on the beach...hers being a failure to return when called. Fortunately, no citizen's arrests were made this day and we lived to tell the tale. 

dress x Cut25 by Yigal Azrouel, boots x tory burch

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November 23, 2012

black friday

Photos © Brian Sorg

I avoid this day like the (black) plague...but am celebrating it in spirit. 

turtleneck x inhabit via p.45, 'vera' skinnies x jbrand, pumps x jimmy choo

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November 22, 2012

giving thanks

"Let the beauty we love become the good that we do" - Rumi

Photo © Brian Sorg

On this 4th Thursday in November I am grateful for everyone that surrounds me. I am incredibly fortunate to have such amazingly patient & wonderful people in my life who put up with my neuroses, irrationality & particularities about most things. Not to mention they laugh at my jokes & love me in spite of it all. 

November 21, 2012

return to mayberry

Photo © Brian Sorg

Trading in the skyline for the suburbs (just for a few). 

November 20, 2012


When I first pulled this skirt out of the bag, Brian took one look at it and asked if I was channeling my inner-grandma. I rolled my eyes and told him he'd be singing a different tune by the end of the wedding we were attending. 

I adore this skirt by Rachel Comey because it's sophisticated, classy, sexy and unexpected. Things I aim to be and hopefully succeed at every once in a while. Open bar not withstanding... 

Photos © Brian Sorg

By the end of the night I had Brian apologizing for teasing me, commenting that 
'it's all in how you wear it, and you wear it well'. I couldn't have said it better myself. Fashion is about taking that risk and putting yourself out there, and I know my (very stylish) grandma would agree. 

skirt x Rachel Comey via p.45, top x Diane von Furstenburg, pumps x Jimmy Choo, necklace x hoovershank, earrings x zoe oliver c/o p45

November 19, 2012


"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them" - A.A. Milne

Photos © Brian Sorg

Running around with the leaves and trees and weeds...winter may be gearing up to rear its brutal head, but I'll take four seasons over one any day. 

sweater x vince, cutoffs x marc jacobs, sneakers x isabel marant

November 16, 2012


"Give a girl the right shoes & she can conquer the world" - Marilyn Monroe

Photo © Brian Sorg

(but probably not this truck)

November 15, 2012

sophie theallet x the limited

Last night I was fortunate enough to preview Sophie Theallet's first installation of her collaboration with The Limited, as well as attend the debut of the collection. This is her first collaboration with a brand, and it was an honor to speak with her & with Linda Heasley, the CEO of The Limited regarding their partnership.

Ladies modeling Sophie's gorgeous dresses with the designer. 
Sophie told me that she wanted to design a dress for the every woman, one that conveyed a subtle sexiness through detail in the draping, darts & cut, that can be taken from day to night. She chose to partner with The Limited because they bring an accessibility to the every woman and she felt she could create a fabulous dress at a price point that is attainable. 

Linda has been a fan of Sophie since her days as creative director at Azzedine Alaia, who she described as her 'aspiration designer' at the time, and has followed her career ever since. Sophie launched her own brand in 2007 to critical success, achieving the highly coveted and prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award in 2009. 

Sophie & the dress she designed for The Limited, featured in the November issue of Vogue.
I look forward to seeing the next installation as I'm sure it will be fabulous; for now though, make sure to check out Sophie Theallet's collection at The Limited stores nationwide! Special thanks to Sophie & Linda for taking time to speak with me.

November 14, 2012

home sweet home

Photos © Brian Sorg

It's 12:33 and I'm just walking in after a tough day on set...after being told endlessly that 'our best isn't good enough', it's heaven to come home to someone who thinks your best is little more than a high five and a good lick (or two).

Sweater x banana republic & belonged to my beloved grandpa before he passed. He is my mentor and hero & it will always have a special place in my heart (and closet). 

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November 13, 2012

express yourself

Not long ago, Roy's Furniture burned to the ground, a block from my place. No one was hurt & they quickly demoed the lot, leaving behind cinderblocks & cement. No word as to whether they plan to re-build, but these blank canvases didn't last long...

Photos © Brian Sorg

What one may call vandalism, another may call street art. One man's trash is another girl's treasure (because I think it's pretty obvious that I didn't earn this tee taking tae kwon do). Maybe you see the world through rose-colored glasses or maybe those glasses are half-empty...just so long as you're seeing the world. It's a pretty cool place. 

vintage tee, pants x j brand, boots x rag and bone

November 12, 2012

magic tricks

This day had everyone fooled as it started off as a gorgeous 70 degree morning, then drastically darkened, leaving us with an overcast afternoon and wind gusts up to 60 mph. 

The illusion of appearing tall courtesy of 5" wedges.

A tee that is long in front but surprisingly short in back (hopefully more mullet top rather than muffin top). 

Photos © Brian Sorg

By the end of this day, it was 37 degrees with snow showers...but you'd never know that from these photos. A magician always says, don't believe everything you see!

tee x haute hippie, cutoffs x rag & bone, wedges x jimmy choo

November 9, 2012

weekend words

Photo © Brian Sorg

A beacon of light with my beacon of light. 

November 8, 2012

mitsuwa marketplace

How I hadn't been to the largest japanese supermarket in the US before last weekend is criminal...Walking the aisles was like christmas; my arms were quickly full with packets of wasabi nori, red bean filled mochi, japanese crackers (the kind with the peanuts inside!!) & many more impossible to find snacks. 

These ladies weren't messing around, and who could blame them? It made me hungry for the homemade mochi my beloved grandpa used to make for my mom & I, or the amazing japanese cooking courtesy of her cousins. 

Photos © Brian Sorg

Even if you aren't into specialty japanese goods, they not only have beer & sake for super cheap, but an electronics & makeup section as well. Oh, and a food court. Ramen. Katsu. Red bean stuffed buns. Crust-less loaves of bread. And if that still hasn't sold you, there's always the classic burger (teriyaki flavored, of course). 

sneakers x isabel marant, hoodie x t by alexander wang, skirt x dvf

November 7, 2012


[käntrast] noun: the state of being strikingly different from something else

Shortening days & lengthening shadows...

clusters of flowers taking root in concrete...

a children's necklace with a jeweled skull...

a fence & a (crumbling) facade...

Photos © Brian Sorg

Let's be honest, I could probably go on for days, but I won't. Except for unkempt alley & a polished person (couldn't resist).

skirt x dvf, tee x vince, boots x rag & bone