November 30, 2012

bubbles and books

Last night in The Bedford's swank vault over a glass of champagne, I had the pleasure of chatting with the stunning Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, veteran beauty editor of 20 years for Glamour Magazine & author of the book "How To Look Expensive". Not only is Andrea full of intel and armed with knowledge gained after being immersed in the beauty industry for decades, but she is down to earth & witty about the entire thing. 

Photo via @skirtPR

Andrea wrote this book because she saw first-hand the time, effort, and money that goes into making everyone from the first lady to Jennifer Aniston look like a million bucks, and she knew that the 1% weren't making it any easier on the rest of us. Her book is full of tried and true tips, product tests & great advice on when to spend, when to save, and when to splurge. This is something I can totally relate to, as I'll rationalize the cost of my hair until the cows come home, but am horrified to spend more than $3.99 on my maybelline mascara. 

Photo via @AndreaPLustig

Andrea is entertaining, smart, clever & insanely knowledgable in an industry where she has had access to it all.  She has recommends for everything ranging from hilariously nicknamed eyebrow no-nos to how to stretch a blowout to makeup application tips and much, much more (and you'll find yourself laughing along the way). 

The Book Cellar out of Lincoln Square was on hand & they not only stock local and first-time authors, but serve glasses of wine to cozy up  So, take it from the beauty master herself and pick up your copy today for yourself or those fabulous gals in your life who'd love to get in on trade secrets! Anyone that signs her book 'Keep it chic! Paris, France not Paris Hilton' gets immediate street-cred (in my book). Finally, she's looking into bringing a labradoodle into her family...I'm telling you, this is one smart lady. 

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