June 6, 2013

crime scene

I have never set foot in a home depot, don't know the first thing about growing vegetables and certainly have never gotten my hands dirty planting anything. Unless you count planting my foot in the barneys shoe department (for the record, I do). 

She's got the right idea...

Well, that girl is possibly a thing of the past (with a little lot of help from some green thumbs, notably brian & 'the model-maker'). He happens to not only be a talented artist, but he successfully grows over 70 varieties of plants & could live off the land were World World Z to become a reality

Every year he generously offers heirloom seedlings and every year I refuse for the good of the plants. This summer though, I accepted, meticulously writing down his advice & dragging Brian all over creation only to discover that 'fabric smart pots' & organic fresh compost aren't as easy to find as you may think. Ignoring Brian's point that his 6 year old plants happily thrived on 'whatever soil & cheap pots they sell at home depot', I had my vision of gorgeous heirloom tomatoes happily thriving on my deck with their 'companion plants' and nothing was getting in the way. Ultimately we got them planted & my dream was well on its way to becoming a World War Z reality.  

© Brian Sorg
And then this happened. Sophie: 1 Habanero plant: 0...Rachel's control: minus 10 (per usual). Life.