April 23, 2013

Strangely Addictive

I've never eaten first thing in the morning...I'm not big on breakfast & rarely have a meal until my venti black americano has been consumed in its entirety (only having been re-heated 25 times or so over the morning). But, on not so uncommon occasions, I have been known to go from not hungry at all to starving & shaky the next second. Cue extreme crankiness, irritability & the need to eat immediately. 

We recently road tripped to a wedding in Columbus, OH, and I was concerned about having enough to eat without being the most annoying, high maintenance visitor ever. I decided to hit the Green Grocer before & stocked up on almond butter packets, celery sticks, raw bars, nuts, falafel chips & nori. Nori is seaweed, most commonly had in sushi, but I prefer the stuff in sheets, roasted w/salt & olive oil or wasabi. I've had a hard time finding a version I like that doesn't involve a trek to mitsuwa market, but figured it was worth a shot. 

Thank goodness I did, because SeaSnax are where it's at. Obviously they score highly due to their 'mother earth' values, but the real reason they are the shite is they taste amazing. Just ask the passengers in the car who happily chomped away with me. They come in a variety of flavors (although, the chipotle & garlic didn't taste much different than the olive oil), & are available in snack packs or in giant sheets. Virtually fat-free, low-cal & high in minerals, these make the best snack...plus they're guaranteed to spark conversation. My favorites are the olive oil & the wasabi & as my fascinated client from Mexico commented after trying it, 'they're just like Lays, you can't eat just one'. Strangely addictive indeed. 

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