November 8, 2012

mitsuwa marketplace

How I hadn't been to the largest japanese supermarket in the US before last weekend is criminal...Walking the aisles was like christmas; my arms were quickly full with packets of wasabi nori, red bean filled mochi, japanese crackers (the kind with the peanuts inside!!) & many more impossible to find snacks. 

These ladies weren't messing around, and who could blame them? It made me hungry for the homemade mochi my beloved grandpa used to make for my mom & I, or the amazing japanese cooking courtesy of her cousins. 

Photos © Brian Sorg

Even if you aren't into specialty japanese goods, they not only have beer & sake for super cheap, but an electronics & makeup section as well. Oh, and a food court. Ramen. Katsu. Red bean stuffed buns. Crust-less loaves of bread. And if that still hasn't sold you, there's always the classic burger (teriyaki flavored, of course). 

sneakers x isabel marant, hoodie x t by alexander wang, skirt x dvf

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