January 17, 2013

cabin in the woods


Photos © Brian Sorg

This new years we cozied up in a log cabin...a far cry from ringing in 2012 which resulted in hangovers and cleanup from a party that didn't shut down till dawn. Ellis Lake Resort is 10 minutes from Traverse City and our cabin was everything I wanted. As a cold-blooded reptile I am in constant pursuit of fire, heat and warmth and our cabin not only had a floor-to-ceiling furnace but also featured an authentic Franklin wood burning stove that kicked out insane heat. We had the place blazing hot & I was literally in a t-shirt (see above). Yahtzee, champagne, fire nachos, a hot tub in the woods & my favorite 2 & four legged critters didn't hurt either. It's the little things...if you're into resolutions, take this and run with it for 2013. If not, it's still the little things. Always.

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