November 29, 2012

"cheezborger, cheezborger, no fries - chips, no pepsi - coke"

When it comes to chicago classics, there are any number to choose from. We have chicago hot dogs (never ever with ketchup), deep-dish pizza (I tend to side with Anthony Bourdain's quote here), italian beef (the appeal of soggy bread is a mystery but it is what it is), malort (a couple shots of this resulted in me falling right off my stationary bike) and the legendary billy goat tavern which was parodied on SNL here.

Photos © Brian Sorg

Seeing as how I don't eat meat, most of the chicago staples are out these days (including the infamous cheezborger), but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed my grilled cheese.  A classic consisting of white bread & 2 slices of american? It doesn't get more midwest than that and it should be noted that I should never, ever be allowed in an all-you-can eat mustard and pickle scenario. After all, any good chicagoan would agree they make up their own food groups. 

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