October 24, 2012

a tale of oxford smarts

Last weekend I had every intention of replacing my phone with something that, at the very least has a working 'A' key, is able to answer a call & can access the internet. My blackberry has been 2 steps from the grave for at least a year & whenever someone asks how I live without a smart phone, I remark that I'd rather spend my money on shoes. 

Hilarity always ensues but little do they know that I'm not kidding. Phones are lovely and all, but they're a dime a dozen; my feet however, are a different story. Somehow they found themselves stepping on over to p45 for their 15th birthday bash. 

Photos © Brian Sorg

The tale they're telling here is that I am one smart cookie who chose wisely to partake in the celebrations. In the meantime, if you need to reach me, I can be found on the roof (the reception is much better up here).

oxfords x mm6 via p45, sunglasses x karen walker, blazer x splendid, tee x zara, shorts x jcrew

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