May 21, 2013

a saturday story

In my quest to be more spontaneous (blue nails instead of black...which will never happen again) & go with the flow at the request of one certain photographer, we set out with no set itinerary besides the farmer's market. After wandering wrestling through throngs of strollers, I had no trouble loading up my backpack with produce & italian sausage for said photographer so we decided to wander escape to Old Town. We lunched at Old Jerusalem (round 2) with the lovely owner filling soph's water bowl when she ran out. Unfortunately, the strollers wandered over stalked us down, but fortunately I can glare all I want at unruly children when hidden behind massive Celines. Phoebe Philo must share the same aversion to small humans.

Brian wanted to check out North Avenue Beach which I assumed meant cruize the ladiez but turns out that was the case on opposite day. Instead, this group of pale bros caught his eye instead...and I'm okay with that. 

I call this 'There's Something About Mary, the G-Rated Version'. 

Next stop: a stroll through Lincoln Park where the brilliant least intelligent decision ever was made to let Soph run around, despite there being a flock of geese/ducks/babies in the vicinity. And a pond. I think you can guess what happened next...

 Yep, that's right. My herding, hydrophilic labradoodle chased the flock into the pond then proceeded to swim out and interact bark a foot away from the hissing geese until she got them in line. Completely ignoring Brian & my frantic calls, she was in the zone, herding that motley crew. I was borderline hysterical thinking she was going to get murdered by angry goose mothers, drown, or be taken by animal control. Brian was about to strip and go get her as it became clear after 20 minutes that she would need some prodding (to I'm sure the delight of the crowd that had gathered), when she finally turned around and swam to us. All with the flock of 40 that she had commandeered paddling right behind her. I've never been so relieved and angry in my whole life. I guess that must be what those mothers of those stroller children feel. Except my dog always behaves perfectly.

"This is my best day ever. I didn't even get the top of my head wet since I can doggy-paddle like a boss"

Photos © Brian Sorg 

After all that excitement, mom & dad decided they needed one many drinks. Kids these days.  

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