April 18, 2013

sorg in the kitchen

Photos © Brian Sorg

I got lucky because I love to spend time in the kitchen and Brian happens to be a really great cook/smoothie & juice maker/griller/chopper, etc...he is way more patient than I am & his diced vegetables always come out perfectly uniform. This weekend though we realized where he really shines is at 'bowl things'. Aka things that work well with a dipper of some form. His salsas never last long (except when he maxes out on habaneros & burns my tongue right off) & his hummus is smooth, creamy & nice & garlicky. 

Brian's Hummus
Juice of 2 lemons
2 cloves peeled garlic (3 if you want it extra garlicky)
2 tsp tahini
Couple dashes cumin
Couple dashes cayenne
1 can garbanzo beans with 1/4 can juice 

Blend together in a food processor & drizzle w/olive oil & a few dashes paprika for garnish (optional)

Serve w/pita chips, lentil chips, cucumber, celery or over a veggie burger! 

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