April 21, 2013

FleaBags + VPL

Seeing as how my social media was blowing up in smoke yesterday in honor of 420, today I decided to do my part to stimulate the economy & celebrate Earth Day a day early at p.45.  Truth be told...I fell for this backpack the moment I put it on, finding out it's made of eco-friendly materials & vegan leather was an added & thrilling bonus. 

This picture doesn't do the bag justice, it's slouchy & hangs in a unique way, perfect for trips to the farmer's market (which went outdoors yesterday...amid snow) in addition to everything else a backpack is useful for, saving disposable bags left & right. I will do a post wearing it soon, but my photographer is on a shoot today & that takes precedence over his pro bono blog work. I suppose it's only fair. 

Backpack x FleaBags + VPL via p45

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