February 11, 2013


I am surrounded by wonderfully talented people, including super-human super-stylist Lorrie J. This girl has more energy than anyone I've met...up at the crack of dawn to workout with her trainer (she can do more pull ups than most dudes), run around with her dogs, prop/shop/style on set all day, cook, re-do her house and on and on.

Lorrie's a great cook, but until recently, vegetables weren't a part of her diet unless they were battered, fried, and served alongside some red meat (or pizza). A month ago she told me she was doing a raw, vegan weekend with her trainer and I was definitely excited because Lorrie is always happy to share. Everything she makes is delicious and comes with a kick in the form of a jalapeno, while also looking beautiful. Enter her raw, vegan sushi...

Jalapeno 'Rice' in the form of blended cauliflower & pine nuts...

layers of avocado, cucumber & peppers...

Photos © Rex Waters, Styled by Lorrie J

The finished product which I would eat over the real deal any day; I actually preferred the texture of her 'rice' because dry rice is so common in sushi. It should be noted that when I attempted to cut the roll she gave me for dinner it was a giant sushi mess and the opposite of what you see above.

Lorrie has since done a 21 day raw, vegan cleanse, and told me she wanted to test her willpower while cleaning the toxins out, acknowledging that she ate a pretty poor diet before. She read 'Crazy Sexy Diet' where the author talks about the healing powers of food and was inspired. While this is by no means a permanent change in lifestyle for her, one of the best side effects was that she 'learned to like veggies!' Bonus  for me who is always a happy recipient of samples...and let's be honest, some things (like homemade sushi) are better left to the pros.

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