May 24, 2013

words for the future.

© Bill Amend
Hopefully your experience is less like above and more like below...unless you're into singed eyebrows* & **. Once I thought it would be smart to grill corn in the husk by myself,*** ignoring the advice to soak them first, predictably lighting said husks on fire.**** All this while barefoot. It turns my talents are not of the pyrotechnic nature. I can open a bottle of wine with the best of them though. 

Photo © Brian Sorg
Lately we've been hooked on grilled veggies in the pan...toss whatever you have on hand with minced garlic, soy sauce, toasted sesame seed oil & your hot sauce of choice, and grill for 10-15 min. Ours are always any of the Bill Kim line...for these we used Belly Fire. Bill Kim doesn't mess around with heat so use accordingly!

© Gary Varvel
Many thanks & remembrance to all the veterans who have served & died for our country, and those who continue to serve & sacrifice each day to keep us safe.

© Seinfeld
*Uncle Leo. That is all. 
**Today I learned that a search on google images for 'singed eyebrows' is not something you should do. Ever. 
***Girl power.
****Girl power fail. 

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