January 24, 2013

jungle fever

Photos © Brian Sorg

It may be sub-zero outside, but inside it's a whole other story (that story is 80 degrees). While technically not what I'd wear were I to brave the amazon, it's a good mix of hi-low...target vs rag & bone. 

When one has an affinity for certain high end items, it's good to try to balance..and I do try. Other hi-lows currently happening: free pantene from a shoot vs definitely not close to free hair (love you duc)... diptyque candles vs re-used candles w/tea-lights...french press at home vs venti americano a la starbucks...labradoodle vs my future adopted pup...whole foods vs whole foods (technically a hi-hi but I'm powerless against that place)...eggs for dinner vs next for dinner (I will experience next vegan this summer beg, borrow, or steal)...cheap sheets vs luxurious king bed. You get the idea. 

flannel x target, cut-offs x rag & bone

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