January 31, 2013

a (wo)man's world

We were asked to shoot some pieces by the eponymous brand that is AndyGhionda; the collaboration between Andy Viales & Gaӛtan Ghionda. AndyGhionda is an original brand for men, which captures the idea of Parisian elegance and "savoir-faire", and the edge of New York's artistic scene. A mix of culture with an adventurous will towards creativity evolved into this fashion-forward brand. 

What makes the brand unique is the duality of designers' influences & worldly backgrounds...Andy Viales has experience as an image consultant in NYC working for artists and celebrities such as Prince and brings an unconventional edge to the designs, while Gaӛtan Ghionda has worked with major French fashion houses including Yves St Laurent, bringing elegance and class. The result is The AndyGhionda Project.

The brand adheres to a strict attention to detail, textiles, and design, with timeless quality driving the designer duo. Items are handmade and each piece is thought-out with the creators' hearts and souls poured into each collection. 

In the words of AndyGhionda  'every man should own a peacoat' and this peacoat is one of Ghionda's favorite pieces. I can personally vouch for the quality of the cashmere/silk/wool blend...I didn't want to take it off. 

Unique details can be found in their choice of buttons, materials, patterns, and patchwork, which is a theme throughout their collection. 

Photos © Brian Sorg

To see more of their ever evolving collaboration, find them here, shop it here, and keep up with their daily updates here!

Shirts & Peacoat by Andy Ghionda, Vera Skinnies by J Brand, Pumps by Jimmy Choo

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