October 17, 2012

secret garden

Two incredibly extraordinary souls committed their lives to one another this weekend in the most magical place. Impossible to understand if you don't know these two, but I am certain the skies opened up to shine their blessing. I am not being dramatic...it literally poured for days, letting up only for the few hours surrounding the ceremony. 

The wedding was held at a stunning old barn and the invitation requested one dress for a square dance, encouraging jeans & cowboy boots.

 I had every intention of following the rules, until I decided that it couldn't hurt to just pop in and see if p45 had anything interesting to pair with a denim shirt. If you've never been to p45, you should know that they carry a wide range from internationally recognized to relatively unknown designers, all unique with gorgeous cuts & lines. No surprise how this fairy tale ended...and now this skirt is forever tied to warm memories & stories of love. Win-win.

skirt x mason by michelle, boots x rag & bone

Photos © Brian Sorg

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