October 8, 2012


I have an aversion to anything restrictive including: underwire (torture devices from the victorian era), turtlenecks (my neck needs freedom to do double-takes for those w/cool style), wearing a coat in the car (causes frustration fastening my seatbelt) & tight sweaters (all of the above). 

As a result, my closet is full of oversized sweaters and I frequently check the men's side, as the fit is similar & usually a lot less. If I go oversized on top, I like to balance it out with something feminine or tight-fitting on the bottom.

Photos © Brian Sorg

I picked up this sweater at a boutique on division called Penelope's; which my mom and I checked out because they carry a hard-to-find designer that we had discovered in Paris. Upon visiting the store, we realized it's a great find in chicago, full of unique (& reasonable) clothing lines for men & women. Don't forget to check both departments!

sweater x mink pink, skirt x paul and joe sister, wedges x jimmy choo

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