September 26, 2012


neutral [noo-truhl] adjective (of a color or shade): matching well with many or most other colors or shades, such as white or beige

I like this outfit because it reminds me of a recent girls' trip to nyc. After tragically leaving my favorite karen walker's on the train, we headed straight to barneys to replace them. I was drawn to the shoe department, and walked out of there with sneakers, instead of sunglasses. The sweater was the result of an inability to properly read my mom's iphone, fortuitously resulting in us stumbling upon a gorgeous boutique in williamsburg, brooklyn.

photos © Brian Sorg

If you happen to be in williamsburg, be sure to check out joinery, where you will be greeted with a smile & beautiful handmade, locally designed items, in a rustic space.

sneakers x isabel marant, skirt x elizabeth & james, tank x splendid's layering line, sweater x wool & the gang (a really awesome fair-trade, ethical company)

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